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Two small annoyances (from Stonefieldt, 11:49:54) ^ »
I have only hours ago installed OS/2 Warp 4 on my IBM Thinkpad 380 ED, and am 98% satisfied with it as it is fast and takes up so little space on the hard drive. Unfortunately, there are two small annoyances that make this otherwise wonderful OS enjoyable.

First, when I start the computer, it does not go directly to OS/2, but displays text saying: "OS/2 Warp Infrared Device Driver Version 1.07.47 not installed. SYS1201: The device driver C:\OS2\BOOT\IRDD.SYS specified in the DEVICE statement on line 60 of the CONFIG.SYS file was not installed. Line 60 is ignored." It also says the same thing for "Sound BlasterPro Device Driver Version 2.25" in Line 81, as well as two others. All this really does is require me to press ENTER a few times, but it would be nice to just start the system. Information on how to fix this would be preferred, but for the moment, I would be happy with learning how I can make the system ignore the problems and get on to loading the OS.

The second annoyance is the screen resolution is 640x480, so it leaves about two centimeters of the screen blank on the sides. When I go to "system setup" and "system - properties" it says that 640x480 is the only option. On all other OS's I have used with this computer, the screen was completely filled when resolution was 800x600.

I am using OS/2 on a hobby computer so it is not really urgent that these problems get fixed soon. Any help, whether it comes sooner or later will be greatly appreciated. If any details about the intallation or the computer itself are needed, I will gladly provide them.
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 Two small annoyances
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Hans v. Mangoldt9924.04.200716:42
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances


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