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Re: wifi drivers (from BigWarpGuy, 14:42:23) « ^ »
Thank you for the information. I wish I had read this before going to WarpStock Windsor Onatario (it was really great). I could not get the wifi card to be recognized by generic prism driver (which os2warp.be said would work with it). I am checking it with a Win pc to see if it is the card that is bad. I have an Intel Pro/Wireless LAN PCCard 2011b. :(

I tried the genmac but did not know which Intel version to use. I was told that genmac does not work with pccards(? - I am not sure on this).

It seemed everyone was using a wifi connection. Not all of the conference rooms had strong wifi signals (at the Warpstock Windsor).

They mentioned a wifi device that connects via the ethernet port and is powered by the USB port. I think of the devices was by D-Link. I will check for the other two.

I heard that there might be support for USB wifi devices for OS/2-eCS in the future. Since there are an increasing number of devices for the USB port, this would be the way to go (for wifi and other periphials).

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