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Help! I need VisualAge C++ 2.1 (from melon, 11:51:03) ^
Like as the title. I need the installation package. Who can give me a web link to be download or send the full installation program to my email. Thanks!
my email is:xing_gq@yahoo.com
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Re: Help! I need VisualAge C++ 2.1 (from RosinCore, 03:26:42)
Okay, kind of off topic ... but ...

IBM has seriously quit making any of the OS/2 development tools available to OS/2 users. So does anyone know the legal impact of 'sharing' copies of old software? This is a perfect example. Here we have someone who wants VA C++ 2.1 which IBM refuses to sell, any the have NO replacement for it in the OS/2 world. So is it wrong/illegal to copy an older version of software to give to someone else?

If IBM refuses to sell it, then obviously they do not want to make money off it anymore... so in my opinion, it would be ok.

Any legal experts here?

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