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Re: Two small annoyances (from stonefieldt, 11:49:11) « ^ »
Many thanks for your help! Placing "REM" in front of the offending lines in CONFIG.SYS helped and now my system starts normally.

However, there is still the problem of the video drivers. I downloaded the files from the IBM site, and followed the procedures for creating the driver, but when I run "SETUP" in the command prompt it says that the program requires Microsoft Windows. This is very strange, as I checked the download site and some of the files multiple times and am certain that these files are intended for OS/2. I even tried Neomagic drivers from the site hobbes.nmsu.edu and got the same message. While exploring the system, I discovered something called "Selective Install", which took the computer to a screen similar to the one used when initially setting up the system. Although it did recognise that the floppy disk had the necessary driver, Selective Install displayed an error message saying that it could not install the drivers. Is there perhaps a way to work around this?

Once again, thanks for your help!
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 Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
Hans v. Mangoldt9924.04.200716:42
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances


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