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Re: Two small annoyances (from Hans v. Mangoldt, 16:42:42) « ^ »
Hello Stonefield,

ther will probably be no problam at all to run OS/2 or eCS (modern OS/2 from Serenity Systems) on your Thinkpad 380 ED.
Go to IBM on this Web-page http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/product.do?template=/product.do?template=%2Fproductpage%2Flandingpages%2FproductPageLandingPage.vm&sitestyle=lenovo&brandind=10&familyind=50071&machineind=0&modelind=0&partnumberind=0&subcategoryind=0&doctypeind=9&doccategoryind=0&operatingsystemind=50685&validate=true and download the needed drivers. As standard OS/2 4.0 always came up with a resolution of 640x480x16. Only with the right display drivers you will have the best possible resolution. The driver remarks are coming up because you seem to have installed OS/2 with IRDA and sound driver. You can easily "REM" them out in "config.sys".

Good Luck and have much fun

Hans v. Mangoldt.
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 Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
Hans v. Mangoldt9924.04.200716:42
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances
 Re: Two small annoyances


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