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Kerberos Authentication System
An authentication mechanism used to check authorization at the user level.

Scheduler Thread and Process Control Block Reference (OS/2)
The following control blocks work with the scheduler: (A.) Thread Control Block (TCB) (B.) Thread Swappable Data (TSD) (C.) Per Task Data Area (PTDA) (D.) The local exception handler Long-Jump Buffer (ljmp) (E.) Local Information Segment (LISEG) (F.) Global Information Segment (GISEG) (G.) Process Information Block (PIB) (H.) Thread Information Block (TIB) (I.) System Stack Frames and Client Register Information (J.) Exit List Data Structure (EXENT) (K.) Exception Handler Structures The relationships between various Scheduler and Task Management control blocks are managed by (1.) Process Management (2.) Thread Management (3.) the Scheduler Finite State Machine (4.) Thread Tree for a Process (5.) Process Trees, Subtrees and Zombies (6.) Orphaned and Adopted Processes (7.) Exception Management (8.) Exception Handler Stack Frames

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