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Lotus' Plaene fuer die SmartSuite fuer OS/2 (von Bob Bencivenga)
Lotuis aht auf ihrer Webseite kurz dargestellt, wie man sich die Zukunft der SmartSuite fuer OS/2 und Windows vorstellt.

-> URL: http://lotus.com/products/smrtsuite.nsf/110299fb8a80831785256776006a918f/7b1dc884cc00030d85256a6f005879ba?OpenDocument
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IBM NP17 Printer: Ein Bericht (von Timothy Sipples)
Timothy Sipples hat den o.g. Drucker unter die Lupe genommen.
Original englische Nachricht:

My IBM 4317 laser printer (Network Printer 17) arrived earlier this week. I have the printer attached to my OS/2 Warp Server for e-business system (via a parallel port), and I also tested an OS/2 Warp 4 client.
This 17 page per minute 600 dpi (plus edge smoothing) duplexing laser printer costs just a little over $186.00 shipped from CompGeeks (http://www.compgeeks.com), if you use the discount coupon MC EXCLUSIVES. It's a tremendous value. (These printers often show up on eBay in like
condition, often with even more accessories.)
The factory refurbished laser printer arrived with several installed accessories: a top offset output tray (up to 500 pages capacity), extra memory (10 MB RAM total), and a Token-Ring network adapter. Even though I ordered the version without the toner cartridge, I got one anyway (which
looked only partially used). The printer had been used for approximately186,000 pages before I received it, according to the built-in counter. There were some minor toner smudges here and there, easily cleaned with a wet towel.
Installation was a breeze, and the OS/2 Warp driver support is excellent (using any of the more recent LaserJet driver sets from the OS/2 Device Driver Pak On-Line). IBM's printer division also supplies its own OS/2 Warp printer driver (not tested). The printer is fully capable of its 17
ppm rated speed, and it manages 8+ sheets per minute in duplex mode - very speedy indeed.
There's lots more to like about this printer. For example, you can set the printer to automatically reprint any pages caught a paper jam. (Any sheet that hasn't completely exited the printer will be reprinted.) Paper jams seem to be few and far between.
I was able to download all the IBM NP17's manuals from IBM's web site. (Naturally, I printed them on the NP17 itself. :-)) Toner cartridges are fairly expensive, but they last a long time, especially with the economy mode setting.
In short, this is an excellent buy in a rugged, refurbished printer. For more information on the IBM NP17, visit this web site:

-> URL: http://www.printers.ibm.com/R5PSC.NSF/web/NP17Home
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Das Hobbes Archiv ist überarbeitet worden (von Joerg Skottke)
Das Hobbes Archiv, die größte Sammlung von OS/2 Software im Internet, ist in der letzten Zeit nur marginal gepflegt worden. Dies ändert sich jetzt. Das Archiv wurde auf Stand gebracht und ist zudem auf einen leistungsfähigeren Rechner umgezogen.

-> URL: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-browse?dir=/pub/incoming
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OS/2 Connect August 2001 (von Tim Bryce)
Original englische Nachricht:
Please be advised that today we have released the August 2001 issue of the OS/2 CONNECT newsletter.
  • NOTE: If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, simply send an e-mail reply of REMOVE.
OS/2 CONNECT is THE authoritative source for contact information in the universe of IBM's OS/2 32-bit operating system. The newsletter is implemented as a web page
It is also available as a set of HTML files suitable for use with standard web browsers, such as the Netscape Navigator. The file is named CON0201.ZIP which includes a 1README.TXT file describing the newsletter and how to install it. The newsletter is being distributed through the following channels:

1. On the Internet:
World Wide Web Sites:
2. Commercial Networks:
America Online
  • In Computing; "OS/2 Forum" - under "OS/2 Newsletters"
  • NOTE: You can also access our Web site through AOL's "OS/2 on the 'Net" section in the OS/2 Forum; select "OS/2 Publications Websites."

3. Bulletin Boards:
  • The 42nd Street BBS (Northern Ireland, UK): +44-(0)1247-270883
  • IBM OS/2 BBS Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia): +386-61-1253464
  • The Lighthouse OS/2 Support BBS/HUGO (Netherlands): +31-183-402427
  • NightCall (Odense, Denmark): +45-6312-1074

The OS/2 CONNECT HTML files can be distributed free of charge. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RE-DISTRIBUTE THIS NOTICE ACCORDINGLY. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tim Bryce
Editor, OS/2 CONNECT
M. Bryce & Associates (MBA)
a division of M&JB Investment Company
3310 U.S. Alt. 19
P.O. Box 1637
Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1637
United States
Tel: 727/786-4567
Fax: 727/786-4765
E-Mail: timb001@attglobal.net
WWW: http://www.os2ss.com/connect/
MBA: Developers of the "PRIDE" Information Factory(R) & Batch Manager
Since 1971: "Software for the finest computer - the Mind"
"30 Years of PRIDE"

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Umfrage: Wieviel wärst Du bereit für einen einzelnen Treiber zu zahlen? (von Tom Lee M)
"If you could pay for a single OS/2 driver to download, how much would you be willing to pay?" ist die Frage bei der Yahoo Gruppe "OS/2 Connect".

-> URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/os2conect/surveys?id=726440
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Juli-Ausgabe der OS/2 eZine erschienen (von Robert Basler)
In dieser Ausgabe (Englisch):
  • From The Editor
    Robert Basler finds a wealth of web-browsers.
  • News
    Robert Basler looks at this month's news.
  • Editorial
    Bad Behavior
    Robert Basler is tired of paying the price for the flamewars.
  • Reviews
    • WEB/2
      John Bijnens looks at a native web server for OS/2.
    • SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1
      Robert Basler installs a new four-channel sound card.
    • Monsoon MM-2000 Flat Panel Surround System
      Robert Basler tries some spectacular computer speakers.
  • Articles
    • ODBC on OS/2 Part 3
      Douglas Clark looks at ODBC databases and drivers.
    • Into Java, Part 18
      Simon Gronlund is back with a gaggle of GUI components.
  • Forums
    • Ask Bas and John
      Bas Heijermans and John Bijnens answer your OS/2 questions in this ongoing forum.
    • July Forums
      Questions for the authors? Disagree with us? Take it to the forums.

-> URL: http://www.os2ezine.com
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Slashdot: IBM Linux-Verantwortlicher über OS/2 (von Isaac Leung)
Es gibt ein 10 Punkte Fragenkatalog auf Slashdot über Linux. Scott Handy von der IBM sagt bei Punkt 6 etwas über die OS/2er.
Scott Handy of IBM notes that he is aware of the OS/2'ers and that some OS/2 customers want to stay on OS/2 as long as possible. By the way, the 10 questions are based on which get moderated up, "voted" most often, so seeing as this question made it to No#6 on the top 10, and based on the size of readership of Slashdot, it would seem there was a lot of interest and awareness about OS/2.

-> URL: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/07/16/1326224&mode=thread
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Philadelphia OS/2 Website aktualisiert (von John Davey)
Die Philadelphia OS/2 SIG Website wurde mit neuen Inhalten aktualisisert (Englisch):
    Our front page has information on the July 25 meeting featuring Sean Reilly, author of Moneydance, the Java personal finance program. We have also added the logo of Warpstock Europe 2001 to show our support for that effort.
    For the past four months, our group has been holding monthly sessions on REXX programming, and we post the notes on our web siteThe REXX programming section of the site is now updated with Session 4 from the June meeting. The topic for the month was REXXUTIL functions. Notes and exercises from the previous sessions are also available.
    Also on that page is a copy of DTWTHR.CMD, a REXX utility created by one of our members for downloading weather maps and using them as Desktop backgrounds.

-> URL: http://www.phillyos2.org
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WarpGoGo Homepage (von ElectricDreams2)
Die WarpGoGo Homepage-URL hat sich geändert.

-> URL: http://www.os2.cz/ed2
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Opera 5 review (von Macarlo)
Es gibt eine illustrierte Rezension des Opera 5.12, getestet auf Warp 4.0 mit FP 14 auf der homepage von Macarlo.

-> URL: http://macarlo.com/opera5os2jul1001.htm
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Notebook/2 Mailinglisten-Änderung (von The Notebook/2 Site)
Nun ist es passiert: Micro$oft hatte den listbot Service vor einiger Zeit übernommen und wird diesen Service nun einstellen. Dank dieser Veränderung wird die Notebook/2-Site von listbot und Micro$oft weg kommen und zukünftig ist die Mailingliste unter nb2announce@yahoogroups.com zu erreichen. Zum Bestellen der Announcement-Mailingliste eine Mail an nb2announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com schreiben. Man braucht sich nicht von der alten Mailingliste abzumelden, da dort keine Mails mehr eingehen werden! (Original von: Dr. Martinus)

-> URL: http://www.drmartinus.de/notebook2/notebook.htm
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Yahoo: Altersschwache Geldautomaten kosten 330 Millionen Euro (von Joerg Sievers)
Die Mummert + Partner Unternehmensberatung aus Hamburg kommt zu dem Schluß, das Banken die Investitionen für die Modernisierung der Geldautomaten unterschätzen und OS/2 bekommt auch sein Fett ab:
Hinzu kommt, dass fast alle Geräte das Betriebssystem OS/2 verwenden, für das der Hersteller IBM den Support voraussichtlich nur noch bis ins Jahr 2006 garantiert.

-> URL: http://de.news.yahoo.com/010703/27/1qogd.html
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Neues Forum/Mailingliste zu ISDNPM (von Karlheinz Schmidthaus)
Um dem wachsenden internationalen Interesse an ISDNPM (Dialer fuer ISDN, DSL & Modem) zu entsprechen gibt es jetzt ein neues Forum bzw. Mailingliste auf Yahoo! Groups unter dem Namen ISDNPM-INT mit der primaeren Sprache ENGLISCH. Die bisherige Mailingliste isdnpm@yahoogroups.com bleibt bestehen.

-> URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/isdnpm-int
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Krone der Macht Präsentation (von Thorsten Thielen)
Die neue Programmvorstellung von Team OS/2 Region Trier e.V. ist online. Diesmal wird das Strategiespiel "Krone der Macht" vorgestellt, ein sehr schoenes Remake des Computerspiel-Klassikers "Defender of the Crown".

-> URL: http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de
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VOICE Newsletter Juli 2001 (von Mark Dodel)
Der VOICE Newsletter 2001 ist jetzt online. Es gibt - wie üblich - auch eine deutsche Fassung. Original englische Nachricht:

The July 2001 issue of the VOICE Newsletter is now online at http://www.os2voice.org/newsletters.html
The Newsletter is available as online HTML, English (downloadable HTML), English (downloadable OS/2 INF), German (downloadable HTML) and German (downloadable OS/2 INF)The July issue can also be downloaded from hobbes pub/incoming (eventual archiving to this location) The past 4+ years of VOICE Newsletter issues (Wow has it been that many years now?) are now uploaded to hobbes. You can always get these also from the VOICE homepage. :-)

In this month's issue you will find:
  • The Editors of VOICE speak out: The truth is somewhere in between.
  • Cool and calm with StHWMon, By: Christian Hennecke
  • eComStation v1.00: First Looks, By: Isaac Leung
  • eComStation 1.0, the Release Candidate., By: Don Eitner
  • ImpOS/2 revisited, By: Manfred Agne
  • File Sharing on the Gnutella Network using LimeWire, By: Frank Berke
  • And of course the VOICE OS/2 Tips and the compiled monthly OS/2 news!
The VOICE Editors would like to thank everyone who made this issue of the VOICE Newsletter possible. We couldn't do it without your help. :-)
And as always, a big thank you to our writers, editors and translators. Without them there'd be no VOICE Newsletter. Please consider writing an article for the Newsletter. The Guidelines for Article Submissionsto the VOICE Newsletter - have been recently updated The German version is here

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org/newsletters.html
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