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Neue Firmware 1.07 (von XCT, 08:46:23) « ^
Version 1.07 jetzt auch für weitere Router/Chipsätze.
* Added source address restriction for basic forwarding, DMZ and remote web/ssh admin. The IP address format for all are the same: "", "", "" or "". Note: This required some changes to Basic Forwarding's nvram format.
* Bandwidth graph changes: Selectable 24/18/12/6/4 hours, total downloaded/uploaded during the period is now shown, time is now shown on clicked spot and at the bottom, refresh time is now automatically calculated, etc. As usual, please backup your data if needed before upgrading.
* Added Motorola WR850G/GP support. Please see the warning in the readme before using.
* Added Buffalo WHR2-G54 support.
* Added support for wl_distance from OpenWRT. Pretty much untested at this point...
* L7 patterns updated to 2007-05-09 version.
* Dnsmasq upgraded to 2.39.
* Removed Logout option for IE7. No suitable work-around was found for BA.
* Fixed wl0_* may not get reset to the same value as wl_* in some cases.

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 Neue Version von Tomato (Router Firmware)
 Feature: LAN-DNS
 Neue Firmware 1.07

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