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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 01.10.2007
Tomato FW V1.09 (von warpspace)
Version 1.09

* Fixed DDNS page error when using Internet Explorer. (an extra comma!)

Version 1.08

* Fixed forwarding a port with a source address and without a source address restriction at the same time may not work correctly. If you have this problem right now, please go to Forward/Basic and click Save to fix the entries.

* Fixed Keep Alive\'s \"redial\" was not restarted.

* Changed the keep alive \"redial\" method to a more simplier, safer way. Incase you experience a problem with this, please try \"nvram set oldredial=1; nvram commit\" and reboot. If that fixes the problem, then please let me know.

* Fixed DHCP lease time resets when Dnsmasq is restarted.

* Fixed UPnP may not start sometimes, changes made when deleting manually are not saved, connect may block for a long time.

* Added detection of WZR-HP-G54, WZR-RS-G54, WZR-RS-G54HP, WVR-G54-NF, WHR2-A54-G54, WHR3-AG54, RT390W, WX-6615GT. Thanks to piggy for adding most of these and to others who sent in data.

* Added Scott D\'s nice BlueGreen2 theme.

* New DDNS system adds 3322, FreeDNS, OpenDNS, custom https:// URLs, external check ip support, retry on error, refresh after 26 days on all services to prevent expiring.

* Added \"Intercept DNS Port\" option in Advanced/DNS which may be helpful when used with OpenDNS for parental control. When enabled, anything going out to UDP port 53 is redirected to Dnsmasq.

* The GUI\'s SSL certificate SN is now randomized, CN is now also set to the router\'s LAN IP address, and the certificate can now also be saved in nvram and re-generated more easily if needed in Admin/Access.

* The GUI\'s local HTTP/HTTPS port can now be changed.

* A list of NTP servers from pool.ntp.org can now be easily selected in Basic/Time.

* Updated dnsmasq 2.40, dropbear 0.50, iptables 1.3.8, l7-protocols-2007-07-27.

* Some merging of code and pre-built binaries from WRT54GL 4.30.11.

* Various minor changes.

-> URL: http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato

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