OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 15.07.2013
USBHC and USBD drivers for eComStation version 10.193 (von http://news.warpevents.eu/)

I have released version 10.193 of the USBHC and USBD drivers for eComStation.

This driver package is available for download from the eComStation BetaZone.

The device enumeration for devices connected to external hubs is still not
working reliably. We are still working on this problem and it will take more
time to get this issue resolved.

I have decided to release a new version now, even though the external hub
device enumeration problem is not fixed because there are other important
fixes that will benefit many users.

This version has been thoroughly tested and should work as well or better
than version 10.192.

More information about the USB drivers can be found at:


You can download this new release from the eComStation BetaZone.
First log in at http://class='extlink'http://www.ecomstation.com then click Access the BetaZone.

You can report problems at:


----- />David Azarewicz

[1] -> URL: http://class='extlink'http://svn.netlabs.org/usb

[2] -> URL: http://class='extlink'http://www.ecomstation.com
[3] -> URL: http://class='extlink'http://svn.netlabs.org/usb

[4] -> URL: http://class='extlink'http://www.88watts.net

-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/de/start/neuigkeiten_archiv/aktuelles_im_detail/archive/2013/july/article/usbhc_and_usbd_drivers_for_ecomstation_version_10193.html

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