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JFS fix 20070104 (von NN)
Available to those with access (via Software Subscription Services) to the eComStation BetaZone: (via logging in at http://www.mensys.nl)


jfs20070104fix.zip 222 kb 06/01/2007 11:46 pm by Eugene Gorbunoff

Change listed as:

UJFS.DLL contains fix for:

\"JFS booter is reading files located above 4 Gb not properly\"

I don\'t know if this is just an update for the bootable JFS that is in the eCS 2.0 beta releases or if it is for all JFS releases. So use it at your own risk. I
only use eCS 2.0 beta2 at this point for several months now, but I have not tried this update yet.

The jfs2007.doc included in the zip does mention the following:

Bootable JFS requirements for JFS volume-

* Bootable JFS is not able load drivers larger than 2 Gb (gigabytes)
* Size of cluster must be: 4096 bytes
* Size of sector: 512 bytes


* Mensys BV --


* eCo Software -- see URL below

As an update to this post from Chuck McKinnis:

\"This is an update to the JFS designed for bootable JFS systems.\"

[1] -> URL: http://www.mensys.nl
[2] -> URL: http://www.ecomstation.com/support/beta3report/
-> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/ecosoft

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